We strive for quality. We spend 100% of our time in shower doors, glass and mirrors so we can bring the most innovative designs and concepts to our customers. Our highly trained technicians carefully measure each item to ensure a precise fit. All shower door and mirror projects will be drawn and sent to you to ensure approval.

Why North County Glass and Mirror Services and Product? How do we provide return on your glass investment?

  • State of the art technology on glass coatings that prevents water damage to shower door glass.

  • Experienced glass craftspeople ensure quality, and cut costs on custom work.

  • Knowledgeable installers mean we integrate well with projects and install right the first time on all projects.


  • We Care!
  • We are fair and price competitive!
  • We offer design advice for your project!
  • We do not sub-contract our labor!
  • We shop for Fast Lead times and cost savings!
  • Our reputation is valued by all our employee's
  • We will be there whenever you need us!