What is the difference between a framed and a frameless shower door?


The major difference between a framed shower door and a frameless shower door is in the construction of the glass. On a framed shower door, the metal frame is necessary to support the thinner glass used. Where in a frameless shower door, thicker glass is used. The strength of the glass comes from its thickness and construction. It is strong enough to not need a metal frame.

Choosing between a framed shower door and a frameless shower door depends on your budget. A framed shower door is less expensive, but it still offers several glass style selections and many types of metal finishes to choose from. This option shouldn't be discounted when you have a limited remodel budget.

The frameless shower door is rapidly becoming more popular because of it beauty and elegance. Special brackets and hinges have to be used to suspend the glass enclosure and the frameless shower door. The edges of the glass must also be sanded to a smooth finish after it is cut for a custom fit. The overall look will increase the resale value of your home while improving the user's experience for many years to come.

There are many benefits to going with a frameless shower door such as show casing your tile work or giving a feeling of it being more spacious. Another benefit is it's easier to keep clean and sanitary due to a lack of a frame around the glass. Mildew and bacteria thrive inside the cracks and crevices of a normal framed shower door.